Friday, August 5, 2011

So, Things Really Got Crazy

today during one of the long TRIVIA periods.

(OMG how cool is that picture?)

Rachel decided to follow Danielle around and after Dani sat on the couch outside Rachel came over and sat on her leg.

I heard Dani say a while ago that if Rachel started to follow her around again, she will play the "last year" card.

???  The last year card.

Shelly is so up their ass it's not funny.

Shelly:  When I saw that out there, I literally thought that this was a Chima-like thing.

Dani:  She literally had her hand on my foot and butt.

Rachel kept chanting, "hey best friend", "hey best friend".

Dr. Zachary is getting a lot of overtime this weekend.

***ALISON***  How about tag teaming some of the houseguests like Lawon and Adam with another Dynamic Duo.  Even people we hate like Jessie and Lydia.

I do think the ultimate fault lies with casting.  That means you, Robyn Kass.  There should be one potential dud cast each season, not a group of four.

Now Shelly says she understands why PT said everyone was spineless.

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