Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So, Is Slop Really Gross?

Well, here is Rachel eating her own yummy breakfast---a breakfast burrito with eggs and bacon.

And here is the pot of slop she is making for her Fiance.

So yes, I conclude it is gross.

Brendon and Rachel are the only ones up so far, with Shelly.  Shelly just went to the DR to get her meds and Lawon got called as well.

I wonder what meds Lawon is on?

Lots of love with them today.  If Brendon is evicted, he will sleep on his parent's couch until the end of the season.  He doesn't want to rent a $1,400 apartment to live in by himself, without Rachel.  His car is at his parents' house, too, but he would drive Rachel's car over there, since it is somewhere on the lot.

(I heard Kalia say she doesn't have a place to live, either.   Is this the reason why those storage facilities seem to be taking over the planet?

The two of them did this last year, too.

Damn those jugs are huge, huh?

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