Sunday, August 7, 2011

So Far Today...

Shelly got up at 5:30, but the Late Night Crew didn't go to bed until 5:00.  Of course she complains about this, but what is the need to get up so early?

Rachel came out to talk to her and they discussed family--Rachel has learned to love Brendon's family and says his sister is the best, next to her own sister, of course.  Rachel's dad speaks spanish, so he has talked to Brendon's mexican father on the phone before.  Rachel's mom talks to Brendon's sister.

Shelly waited to have kids until she was 35.  Brendon wants to have kids in three years, so Rachel will be 31.

Adam got up and cooked a shit load of bacon.  I mean, just look at the lower left corner.  They played some music that Adam likes, since it is his birthday celebration day.  He tried to tell Shelly that the DR wanted some of his comments before....and we got interrupted by Production.

Adam is also making a spinach omelet.  He has this every morning at work but he buys it in the cafeteria on his floor.

Jeff and Jordan are waking up and Porsche is in the kitchen now.

Brendon has promised to buy Rachel a new ring within 5 years.  She says she loves the ring Brendon already gave her, but goes over and whispers in Shelly's ear twice about it.  What could she be saying?  Did Brendon steal the ring?  Are they waiting for an inherited ring?  WTF?  Since when is Rachel so secretive?

Jeff's calves are sore today, and Adam's inner and outer thighs are sore. From the competition of course.

Shelly must be so sick of encouraging Rachel.  Jeff comes out on the patio and thanks Shelly and Rachel for folding his laundry.  Shelly tells Jeff he is looking handsome today.

As opposed to yesterday, Shelly?

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