Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sleep All Day, Party All Night

is what Danielle's shirt says.  I like it.

Porsche is putting lemon juice on her hair, to lighten it up when she goes in the sun.  She knows we're watching and puts on a show for us.

She feels she needs help with this task, so she deputizes Adam to help her squeeze the lemon half.

As you can see, her caboose is still big. No one seems to know who has left all of the dirty dishes in the sink. Adam says they're not his--he slept all day.  Dani would like to go back to bed until her period is over.

They get ready to go outside to lay out.

Porsche and Dani are best friends now, discussing what they want to do tonight.   Is it just me, or are those star tattoos on Dani really skanky?

Lawon comes over and adds to the conversation.

Lawon:  I'm getting really sexually frustrated now, ya'll.  It's getting really bad for the kid.  I was like, buck wild in my dreams.

He walks off and they hear him talking to the group on the patio.

Dani:  He needs to go in the bathroom and jerk off, seriously.

Porsche:  Yeah, really.

Dani:  He's got a really bad attitude, too.  Are you on Twitter?

Porsche:  Yeah, it's PorscheMiami.

Dani:  How many followers do you have?

Porsche:  Oh, about 150.

Dani:  Not anymore.

Porsche:  I'm on Facebook, too.

Dani:  Make sure to keep your Facebook private.  Otherwise you'll never be able to keep up with it.

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