Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shelly's Out---That Was a Fast 24 Hours..

I think it was more like 12 hours.  She is sitting in the backyard eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, telling the HG about the call she had with her family.  (She won that, after spending "24 hours" in isolation.)


Shelly asks Adam where her smokes are.  He goes over to get them and Shelly asks Jeff if he's been ripping through them.

Jeff:  Yeah..

Shelly:  I knew you would.

Her husband said that everybody watches the show and is pulling for her---according to Shelly this was the extent of the conversation about the show.

Her family wanted her to know that she shouldn't worry about them---they are okay.  She thought the amount of time for the call was perfect for Josie.  It was all happiness and she didn't have time to get sad.  Josie is enjoying school and she got the teacher she wanted.  She also had all of her school supplies, which Shelly has been worried about.


Shelly:  He said, all we do is watch you!  We watch you all of the time!  That made me feel so good!

(So...Josie is watching Mom smoke like a goddamned chimey?)

Shelly really appreciated people sitting outside of the door talking to her.

Shelly really likes Jordan's Humilitard and thinks her hair looks cute.

Jordan:  They told me to wear it like this.

BB didn't like Jordan announcing that.  Jordan doesn't have to wear the Humilitard while she's in the water, so she took it off a few minutes ago in the backyard.  Jeff commented that she could have done that inside.  I guess he didn't want everyone staring at her.

Kalia is eating outside.  She's versatile like that.

Dani's wheels are turning.  She wanted to stay in bed today but "then she got yelled at".  BB didn't want us to hear that, either.

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