Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shelly Tries to Strongarm the Fortune Teller

by fiddling with the buttons and then sitting and staring at the machine.  She came out of the DR and went straight to it, like she thinks the Fortune Teller is going to help her in the game somehow.

Meanwhile Rachel is chatting in Candy Land with Kalia and Jordan about shoes, shopping, etc. They discuss Chad Ochocinco and Basketball Wives, etc.

Shelly keeps messing with the Fortune Teller and BB doesn't tell her to Stop That, so maybe she is on to something.  You can hear the machine cycling inside.  The lights in her eyes come on and I see her chin moving like she is speaking, but  I can't hear anything she says.

Meanwhile Jordan tells a story about being out with Jeff somewhere and seeing Terrell Owens out with some girls. Jordan tried to be cool and act like she didn't notice.

(I think Shelly should focus on the competition rather than being obsessed with the Fortune Teller.)

Jordan tells Rachel and Kalia about doing the DR with Jeff and saying "Nobody comes between me and my man!"  They all laugh and she tells them the DR gets Jeff to say "Nobody comes between me and my wo-man!".

BB tells Jordan not to talk about Production but they waited well after she told that story to the girls.

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