Friday, August 19, 2011

Shelly: Think About the Drinks!

Shelly:  All three of them are big wine drinkers!

Rachel:  That means we actually get to drink!

In the kitchen, Porsche is being good-natured about her plight, to her credit.  She is sorting through the food on the table with Adam and is being a good sport about it.  Maybe she knows this will help reduce that flabby caboose.

Meanwhile, we see a stressful shot of Kalia, whose mouth is shut for a change.

But that didn't last long--she is now talking a mile a minute to Jeff about his plans for this week.  She would like to know if she is the target.

Jeff:  Well, you're in the pot....I told you that if you nominate me, you could expect me to nominate you.

In the house Rachel is talking to Porsche about making egg salad (a good idea).

About the booze:  I don't know how much the houseguests know, but those three bitches have been stealing the booze for the last two weeks. I watched Dani pour a huge water glass of wine and take it up and hide it in the HOH fridge the other night, and then go back to the kitchen like nothing happened.

I think they did this a lot, and I know Porsche was stealing bottles of wine as soon as they were put in the storage room.

(They should keep an eye on that storage room, since I'll bet Porsche and Dani will do something evil...)

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