Friday, August 26, 2011

Shelly Starts Bitching

She must be on edge without a cigarette yet today.

Shelly:  There is just all kinds of maturity in here today.  This is going to be SO much fun...for the next three weeks.  I guess I'll just avoid her.....when things don't go your way......

Kalia doesn't really answer and moves away from the sink.  Shelly the Maid is called to the DR in the middle of doing the dishes.

Porsche comes in and is chipper, adding some energy to the room.  Shelly clumps over to the DR in her usual bowlegged fashion.

Rachel and Jordan are in the bedroom.  Jordan hopes for some sort of special power to be bestowed on them to change the nominations.

My Thoughts:

1.  Maybe they are setting up a luxury challenge in the backyard right now.  I love the ones where they get to shop for clothes and take everything they can put on themselves in 90 seconds, or whatever.  They skipped that last year for BB12 but some of these girls badly need some new clothes if they are going to have to carry the show for the next three weeks.  (****Hint: PORSCHE***)

2.  How great would it be if Rachel goes all Evel Dick on Shelly in the house!  Like ragging on what a terrible example she is setting for Josie by lying and backstabbing and chain smoking, etc etc etc.  Remember how he would just rail on people and they would cower in fear?  I wouldn't want that directed at me, but I would love to watch it directed at someone else...

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