Friday, August 26, 2011

Shelly: Rachel Can Take Her Pregnant Ass and Go Play With Jordan!

Shelly is all upset.  Apparently Jordan and Rachel called Shelly a bitch.

Shelly, crying:  And now my kid has to see people speak to her mother that way!

Shelly badmouths Jordan and Jeff, saying  that Jordan did whatever he said.

Porsche came out and said she instantly regretted taking it.

Shelly gives her the routine peptalk about how she needs to fight hard, like she did yesterday.

Adam:  I would have been fucking pissed if you hadn't taken it.

Adam is thrilled because he knows there is no way he can go home this week.  If he and Shelly are on the block voting her out is a no brainer.  I think he will even throw it (shocker!), since having Rachel and Jordan around is good for his game.  And I don't think he likes Shelly, anyway.

Adam says Rachel can't get through a competition now without messing it up.

Porsche keeps bringing up how Jeff won $15,000 and she only got $5,000.

(Jeff picked the $10,000 snowball to open AFTER most of the other snowballs had been selected----the two situations don't even compare.)

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