Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shelly is Still a Liar

During the meeting with Shelly, Jordan asked her if she threw any competitions, or if she really tried.  Shelly mentioned one competition that she threw, but said she tried hard in all of the others.

After Shelly walked off, Jordan could barely contain herself with Rachel.

Jordan:  OK, that's a lie!  Right after the robot competition, she told me she threw it!  I swear she said that she put three pieces on the back of the robot instead of two to look like she tried. So that's a lie right there....

Rachel brings up how mean Porsche and Kalia have been to Shelly since Monday, when she went up on the block and they assumed she was going home.  Rachel doesn't trust Shelly at all.

Rachel:  Shelly knows they have ignored her since then....

Jordan really wants Shelly out because she trusts Adam, but Rachel wants to evict Adam, knowing they can beat Shelly later.

Rachel:  We just have to be really logical about this......

They both agree that Kalia thinks she has won the game already, and is on a "high horse" about it.  (That is a true southern expression, if you've never heard it...)

As they discuss Adam, we see him on camera, swaddled in bed.

And now we see Kalia literally stuffing herself into the top of her dress.

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