Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shelly Bribes Rachel

with the "past, present & future" diamond ring.  She is going to give the ring to Rachel right now, and if Rachel goes out of the door she can take it with her.

Shelly:  And trust me, you're not leaving with that ring....my PARENTS bought that for me!

(Note that the ring is still on Shelly's hand.)

They are going around and around with Shelly doing most of the emotional talking.  Rachel is calm and rational and keeps coming back at her with skepticism.

Shelly:  I will give you that diamond and if you leave you can take it.  And my PARENTS gave me that ring.  That is how fucking serious I am!  And Jordan will not go on the block, either.

Rachel wants Shelly to win a competition and not throw them.

Rachel: With votes Shelly, I need to know that you are not voting Jordan and I out.  If we don't win HOH this week, there is a good chance one of us would go home.  If I win the POV, then they might send Jordan home, and that's a bad idea.

Rachel has brought up several times that she and Jordan are sticking together "no matter what".  (This alone will help Rachel when the season is over---some of that Jordan Halo Effect rubbing off on her will ease the public's reaction to her.)

Rachel:  I'm not voting out Jordan.  I'm just letting you know that.

Shelly says a bunch of assuring things.

Rachel:  I also know that you told Jordan yesterday that you would take her to the final two....

Shelly:  I do feel badly for what happened....

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