Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shelly Blows Smoke

in more ways than one.

She and Rachel are sitting on the patio and she is making an aggressive plea for Rachel to keep her in the house.

Shelly:  I have no where to go!  I have absolutely no where to go!  I will say who I am with out loud and have no problem with that!  I DO NOT want either one of them to win!  Just sitting here and listening what Kalia had to say last night made me sick!

Rachel:  What, about her kicking her dog?

Shelly:  No, her saying that if she were in Manhattan she wouldn't speak to me or Adam.  She's arrogant!  And I don't like what she stands for.  She talks about how perfect she would be in a certain job...well, she doesn't have a job!  And Porsche is a lovely person, but she did nothing for 4 weeks!  Yes, she won the last two little (?) things, but that's it.

Rachel pushed back a few times, saying if Shelly wants to give everything away for Rachel to win, why is she in the game to begin with?

Shelly:  And Adam....if that's your guy, just know that he hasn't done one thing here.  And I know Brendon thinks that, too.  I made a big move in the game and it bit me in the ass.  That bridge caught fire and I accept that, but I haven't thrown anybody under the bus.  And I've really tried.

This conversation started with Rachel discussing her cramps and the probable onset of her period.  She is relieved that she isn't pregnant, but I think she feels a little sad about it.  Shelly took that opportunity to tell her about being pregnant, and what to expect, and then launched in a financial conversation about how if Rachel wins BB13 they can use that money to live for a number of years while Brendon is in school, and maybe have kids earlier.

Shelly tells Rachel that Adam will not nominate Porsche or Jordan, due to his connection with Jeff.  And that Kalia will not nominate Jordan and has repeated this throughout the game.

Rachel:  He won't nominate Jordan because he thinks he can beat her?

Shelly:  No, because of Jeff.  I don't know who Porsche is playing for, or with, but I do know that she thinks a newbie should win.  And Adam thinks that, too.

Rachel:  I went to open casting two years in a row!  Give me a break!

Shelly:  Adam thinks there should have been 14 new people, so they are all on an even playing field.  He said he loves the way you play, and even had a crush on you when you first came in.

Rachel:  Ha ha.  I know.

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