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Reality News Online Interviews Jeff

“Once Someone Crosses Me, I Can’t Trust Them” – Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview with Big Brother 13’s Jeff
by David Bloomberg -- 08/26/2011

Jeff went from the top of the Big Brother world to straight out the door in less than an hour. Did he think it was fair? What does he say about the game – and others – played? Did he trust or mistrust too much? How does he think Jordan will do, with Rachel as her only real ally? And what does Jeff have to say regarding his comments that were widely seen as anti-gay in relation to Harry Potter and Professor Dumbledore?

After a blur of an episode, Jeff went from king of the castle (or at least Head of Household) straight out the door. I was able to ask him some departing questions, touching on the way he played the game, his thoughts on the others, and even his controversial comments that were widely taken to be anti-gay. Read on to see what he had to say!

Reality News Online: Hello again, Jeff, and thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us here at Reality News Online. Getting right to it, what was your initial plan coming in, knowing you'd likely have a target on you?

Jeff: The plan was to lay low. That is what you need to do in this game and let stronger people go after each other. We had to fight from Day 1 as the veterans as we were outnumbered by the other houseguests. And Daniele thought the grass was greener on the other side, and it wasn’t.

RNO: You played hard and went from the top of the mountain to out the door in just one night. Do you feel it was fair to go out the way you did, with no real chance to talk to the other players?

Jeff: That’s the game of Big Brother.

RNO: Do you think you trusted – or mistrusted – the right people throughout the season? And why was it so hard to trust anyone other than Jordan?

Jeff: I think mistrusted. You never know who to trust. And by being in the leadership role, it’s hard to make a decision. The reality is not what it seems like inside the house. I mistrusted everyone in that house – except Jordan obviously.

RNO: How do you think Jordan will do now, as it seems Rachel might be her closest ally?

Jeff: I don’t know. The way I play the game is opposite to the remaining houseguests. Maybe she will have to take more naps like everyone else in the house.

I think Jordan will do fine. I’m out and she is in – she did it without me last time and she can do it again.

RNO: How would you compare this season overall – from personalities to game play – to your original?

Jeff: My first season… I think there were more personalities inside the house. People were not afraid to express who they were. This season – people didn’t express their personalities or maybe they just don’t have personalities worth expressing? (Smiling.)

RNO: Your plea to Shelly for her vote asked her to look past what happened today. Can you please expand on exactly what it was that went down and why you thought it would turn her against you?

Jeff: It was just to call Shelly out. She made three deals with other people in the house. That might have been my demise, but it happened the way it happened. I wasn’t scared of anyone in the house, but ultimately that was my demise. Either way, I’m out and they are in.

RNO: Unfortunately, a lot of the live show was almost completely muted due to foul language. What did you say to Shelly right before and then after the vote?

Jeff: I think I used the word “integrity” and their lack of it. The whole game – from beginning to end – people bashed Rachel. And I tried to keep that in check with Rachel and with other people. And the fact that they picked Rachel over me… for someone to talk all the time about one person and then pick them over another person is a judgment of your character.

RNO: Not to give away your jury vote, but if Jordan isn't in the finals, what will you be looking for in helping to determine how you vote?

Jeff: Who played the game the strongest. I’m not awarding anyone $500,000 for taking the most naps… it will be someone who steps up and makes some big moves and shows me that they deserve it.

RNO: In your goodbye video for Daniele, you said you wished you could have worked with her but you didn’t trust her. Other than going all the way back to her actions in week three, why did you feel you couldn’t trust her now?

Jeff: Once someone crosses me, I can’t trust them…

RNO: You have been something of an America’s favorite, from your first time on Big Brother to your time on The Amazing Race, and now back on Big Brother again. But with that comes scrutiny as well. How do you think people have reacted – and should react – to the comments you made a little while ago that could easily be construed as anti-gay, such as those made in discussions about the Harry Potter series?

Jeff: My hesitation was not regarding the fact that he was gay… my point was that you cannot send your eight-year-old kid off to a magical fantasy land… regardless of whoever is in charge. I would not send my kid off to a fictional, magical land. It came off wrong and I apologize for that, but again, that was not my intention.

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