Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rachel's Back

from the DR, where Big Jeff is trying to calm things down.

Jeff was telling Brendon that the problem with him using the POV on Rachel is that she is so emotional and is not equipped to deal with is happening in the house like Brendon can.

Jeff tells Rachel that Shelly cries if you say her daughter's name---not just because Dani said she blogged about her.

Apparently the DR talked to Rachel about the shout outs, but they didn't let us hear what Rachel just reported to Brendon and Jeff.

Jeff:  But was it worth all of that?  You've got to hold it together in this game.  I know I'm emotional too, but you gotta keep it in check.

Rachel goes on and on about the rules and what Dani said, and what Rachel did, and what Dani did...

Jeff:  I don't know about the rules....I'm not justifying anybody's behavior---I'm just saying you gotta watch it in here.

Brendon wants Rachel to talk to Shelly one on one and tell her she was concerned and wanted to protect her.

Jeff:  It's not a big deal.  Really, it's not a big deal.

Brendon:  You've just got to stay away from Dani, Rachel.

Jeff gets up to leave:  You what you've gotta do..get your votes, but don't.....

Brendon:  I don't know what you've heard..

Jeff:  It's a small house..just do what you've gotta do...

Rachel:  I have no problem telling you exactly what I've said about Jordan.

***awkward silence***

Rachel:  I said she won a half million dollars two years ago.

Jeff:  Okay.  All right.  One of us has to go...just keep it classy and filter your emotions.

Rachel:  Oh, I have nothing bad to say about Jordan.

Jeff: I know.  But you know how it is in here.  People play telephone and they hear what they want to hear.  You guys are doing great and I'm emotional too.  You got to practice what you preach.

Now Rachel is pissed and goes into the Padded Cell with Brendon.  Her voice is getting high and fast again.

Rachel:  I'm sorry Brendon.  But I went into the DR and they said to go ask Danielle about it...

Oh, so the DR stirred this up!  SHOCKER!

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