Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rachel Soaks up the Rays

All of you Rachel fans better take a good look now.  She spent her afternoon apologizing to Daniele for her behavior, and trying to justify staying in the house.  She gave Dani a number of reasons to not only keep her, but to work with her in the game to evict the floaters.  She pointed out that if she had been HOH this week, most of Dani's followers would be on her side---that is the definition of a floater.

Dani didn't go for it.  But Rachel stayed cool.  She urged Dani to ask the DR to repeat exactly what Julie said about someone returning to the game.  Dani told Kalia later that she planned to do that.

You can see Adam and Shelly sitting in the shade.  You know that Adam confessed to having a crush on Rachel, don't you?  He said his girlfriend would be very jealous that Rachel was in the house.

BTW, Shelly said Adam looks like Gargamel now.  Adam explained to Porsche that Gargamel threatened to steal the Smurf's essence.

Here are a few pictures from Rachel's earlier meeting with Dani.  Dani was trying to color her roots at the time.

And all of you Big Jeff fans don't need to worry.  Here he is, basking in the rays.  Whoever is manning the camera is digging Jeff, too.

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