Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rachel Needs her Shampoo

and asks Adam to throw it to her.   It is in a purple bottle that says Simply Smooth.  Rachel is trying to stay as far away from the shower door as possible---I'm guessing she doesn't want any glimpses of Adam's junk.

She has to repeat herself twice.  It's hard for him to hear in the shower.  Rachel is in very good shape this year, if you hadn't noticed.  She is religious about her workouts.

Adam doesn't throw it---he makes her come over and get it.

And then gets right back to the business of being clean.  Do you think Fara is watching the feeds?  Adam said she is jealous of Rachel.  No need to be jealous of Rachel, Fara.  She's not going to come between you and your man.

I think Rachel is going to wash her hair outside?  She took the shampoo out there and spent at least two minutes shaking the bottle.  Even hitting it against the ground to mix it.  I looked it up and this is some sort of keratin shampoo.  There she is shaking it in the lower left corner.

This was all a fake, however.  She went into the Have Not shower stall after Adam finished to get the shower over with.  Maybe there is hair color in the bottle?  Evel Dick told her she should put some hair color in her shampoo bottle to keep her color fresh.  And wouldn't he be an authority on matters like those?

Rachel hates taking cold showers, she says.

Adam just put his pants on but I missed the picture of his undies.  The BBLite camera is so slow sometimes.

Adam puts lotion on his legs.  Bow chicka-bow-wow.   Ha ha ha.

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