Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rachel: The Jury House is So Nice

Rachel:  I mean, at first it sucks, but then you realize how nice it is. You can get up whenever, watch movies, read a's really nice.

They think Brendon is probably working out or laying out.  Rachel is in the HOH bathroom  with Jordan while she shaves her legs.

Rachel discusses how she and Ragan didn't get along.  She tried to talk to him at the after party, and then she wrote him a letter saying that whenever he was ready to talk, she was there.  He finally called and asked if she wanted to go to dinner to talk about Big Brother, or why they fought so much....whatever.  They've been good friends ever since.  She thinks Ragan just got too wrapped up in the game.

Jordan talks about how much it sucked to be Britney and find out near the end that everything was a lie.  They talked about the POVs that Britney won.  Rachel thinks that if she had won that last POV, she could have won the game.

Rachel:  We would have all voted for her.

Jordan said that people start talking in the Jury House, and they get mad at people still in the game when they hear certain things.  (That is what happened to Natalie.)  Jessie and Jeff got along in the Jury House, which was a relief.

Rachel was in the Jury House for five weeks...just as long as she was in the BB house.  Just like Brendon this year.

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