Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rachel: Jordan We Got Really Lucky....

and she says "they need to earn their keep now".


The challenge was endurance-related, and involved hanging from a rope of some kind.  Porsche comes in to wash her hands and congratulates Rachel and says that competition "was nothing like the banana.

Porsche and Kalia have cuts and scrapes.  The whole thing only lasted about 30 minutes.  Rachel thinks that BB thought it would last longer.

She wants to go in the DR, but I think Shelly might be in there.  BB asks them to go to the storage room to exchange their batteries.

Jordan:  I feel like you're mad at me.

Rachel:  No, Jordan I'm not mad at you.  We have to win HOH this week Jordan.  This is our last chance and everyone is against us.  We have to do this! It's me and you against Adam and Kalia!  We have to win this!  We have to!

Rachel:  If we don't win on Thursday, I'm going home.  Then you'll be going home and you won't make Final Three.

They hug and Rachel says she tried to be a good sport and not react too much when she won.  So she does a quick little happy dance while she can.

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