Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rachel: Jeff is Such a Joke

She and Brendon are whispering in the Purple Room after breakfast.  She has been hating on everyone, not just Jeff.  She is very focused on the upcoming double eviction, asking Brendon questions about it.  (Rachel had already been evicted last year when it happened--Brendon was a victim that week.)

Rachel:  Who were you up against?

Brendon:  Ragan.  No one was scared of him, so.....

Sounds like we will have the "Old Rachel" back after Brendon's eviction.  She is mad at everyone, particularly Jeff who she thinks threw the POV.

While Brendon does the dishes, Rachel went upstairs to see if she could use the HOH bathroom---Shelly was in the one downstairs.  I don't know what happened, but she came right back downstairs without going in.

Shelly is primping in the mirror after her shower.  (How cute was little Josie on TV last night?  With the french braided pony's?)

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