Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rachel Grabs the Spotlight

by attacking Shelly about her missing stuffed dog.  Daniele told her that Shelly hid the dog but Shelly denies it.

Rachel:  You're 41 years old!  This isn't even a game thing! It's a personal thing!  Daniele told me that Porsche hid Colonel Quackers and you hid my dog!  I'm going home next. You sent my fiance home and Jordan's......her boyfriend, and you're winning.  So give me my dog back!

After Rachel leaves Shelly goes off on her and says that whole thing was ridiculous.

Shelly:  At least now maybe I'll have enough cigarettes!

(Because Jeff bogarted all of them!)

Jordan says that Jeff hid his HOH bottle of wine and that she and Rachel should drink it before the competition.  Rachel goes to get some glasses.

The bottle of wine is in a drawer. Jordan looks at it while Rachel is out of the room and seems to come to her senses.  When Rachel returns she says they should wait until after the HOH competition.

Jordan:  After....if we lose, we can drink it.

Rachel sniffles and blames herself for not winning a few of the competitions.

Jordan:  I hope I get evicted next.

Rachel:  Oh, great Jordan.

Jordan:  And then you can get evicted.  And then the four of us will decide who wins.


Jordan: Can we get a coup d'etat please?

She thinks she looked like a psycho on the live show because she was crying.

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