Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rachel Confronts Porsche, Adam Shaves

Rachel had a sit-down with Porsche in the Tarot Room to ask her what went wrong with their relationship.

Porsche told her that she kind of went crazy in the house, and Porsche didn't want to be associated with that, particularly if she was going to have a physical altercation with Danielle.

Rachel:  I have been separated by the love of my life, and you don't seem to even care about that!

Porsche:  Everyone is separated by their love ones---Shelly is married with a child.

Rachel:  But she knew coming in here that they would be separated!  She knew that!

This kind of goes around and around.  Rachel clearly expects everyone's Big Brother experience to be all about her, and can't understand why this isn't happening.

Adam ruins her dramatic moment by starting to shave in the bathroom.  Jeff cuts off the first chunk of Adam's beard---he has had a beard for 6 years.  Everything is going to feel different--even smoking a cigarette.

They joke about having a new houseguest and Adam says his new name is Philip.  He looks just like his father and it freaks him out.

Jeff:  Oh I have to make all new alliances!

Porsche shaved his head for him.

Adam asks Production what they think about his new look, and they don't like that.

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