Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rachel Apologizes in Advance

to Brendon if her goodbye message to him is too sexy.

Rachel:  I don't know how much they'll show you, but that wasn't my intention....just so you know.

They are making breakfast and Rachel "doesn't want to sleep all day".

The houseguests have had their wake up call, but most of them are still in bed, as you can see.  Does this look like breakfast food to you?

Rachel:  I need to stop eating so much cheese.

Brendon:  What?

She repeats it.

Brendon:  That's true.

Rachel gives him a shout out for someone once he is out of the house.  Some girl she wants to say "hey" to.

Brendon:  We'll have a lot of fun, just the three of us.  They made it fun for you last year.

(???  Is Brendon planning to leave sequester?)

They finish the breakfast preparation.

Rachel:  Do you want to go to the Purple Room before everybody wakes up?  Well, I guess they won't wake up....jokes on me!

Brendon:  Jokes on the live feeders!

(ha ha ha)

Rachel:  Jokes on Big Brother!  And whoever is in charge of getting people out of bed early!

Rachel:  I have to say, it's a lot more fun when you don't have friends in the house, and you can just be mean...

She makes fun of the Best Friends in the HOH Room (Dani, Kalia).  Brendon talks to her about the double eviction and what to expect.

Brendon:  It goes really fast.  I have a feeling that the first one will be physical, then maybe a quiz.  We came in and sat down, and then Julie came on and said right after the eviction that we were going to do it again.  I remember them not telling us at first, but it happens really fast.  If you don't win HOH you have to win the POV.

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