Friday, August 26, 2011

Rachel and Jordan Plan Lunch

They want to fix a salad with romaine and Rachel is going to cook chicken on the stove.  I don't think Jordan has eaten since before the live show last night.

Jordan:  I don't know how to make chicken.

Rachel:  You don't?  I'll show you how.

Jordan:  Do you know how to do it right?  For real?

Rachel:  Yes!  Jeff and Adam used to eat my chicken all the time!

Jordan:  And they didn't get sick?

Rachel: No!

Rachel tells Jordan about her good bye message to Jeff.  She thanked him for everything he did for her and said she would take care of Jordan.  She thinks Dani is just getting to the Jury House now and Jeff will follow her later.

Rachel:  They do it differently for the double eviction weeks.

Jordan doesn't want any soda--she'll just drink tea.  Rachel wanted to hide some Diet Coke but Jordan says they don't need all of that drama.

Jordan calls out for Adam and walks off camera to talk to him.  The cameras don't let us go with her though.

Meanwhile, Shelly looks for the bright side outside with Porsche and Kalia.

Shelly:  No matter what happens, two of us will still be here, and all of the rest of us will get to sit in the front row on those stools at the finale!

(Is that really what Shelly is worried about?)

Kalia:  The only thing I need in my life is a half million dollars.  I have had a really bad couple of years, but this last year has just been blessed.

Kalia wants to "start a grown up life, finally owning something and driving something that doesn't belong to her mom".

Last night when I was watching the Live Show Aftermath on the feeds, Shelly was sitting at the dining room table with Porsche.  Porsche was trying to reassure her that she did the right thing by changing her alliance and Shelly did something that I thought was very telling...

Shelly, to Porsche:  Can you at least tell Daniele that I voted for her?  Will you tell her?

The implication being that Porsche would be evicted before Shelly and Shelly wanted her to work Dani's vote for her.  I'm not sure if Porsche caught that, but she didn't really answer.  Something interrupted their conversation.

Now the girls discuss Jeff---how direct and intimidating he could be.

Shelly:  They did break their word to people throughout the house, and throughout the game.  And it's like the pot calling the kettle black, because things didn't go her way!

Kalia:  Yeah, it's like, I crossed Daniele and this is what happened!  Do you know what I mean?  That's like, why I like, didn't make a lot of deals.

Shelly:  I'm excited about a three girl final.  Do you think the three of us can stick together?  And continue being open and honest?

(Adam isn't stupid....he should team up with Rachel or something to give himself a chance.)

Jordan is putting together a salad in the kitchen with Rachel, while Shelly bad mouths her on the patio.

Porsche thinks it is ironic that it took Dani leaving to pull the three of them together.

Shelly:  It's so weird that the last three weeks Daniele kind of peeled off her skin and played was neat to see and I told her "in her thing" that she didn't have to walk in (Dick's) shadow anymore.

Kalia:  Like, everybody hated her in the last house, and hated her dad and like, she said, like this time was like more enjoyable.  Know what I mean?

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