Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rachel and Jordan Approach Shelly

with a deal.

Rachel walks up to Shelly and the patio and starts the conversation.

Rachel: OK Shelly.  If you were to stay.....

Shelly:  Oh my god I think I'm going to throw up.

Rachel tells Shelly she knows Shelly is going to try to evict her---she knows it.  Shelly denies it and then Porsche comes out.  They start talking about nail polish and then Porsche goes on an on about her HOH pictures and how they should pose for them.

Shelly:  Porsche, do you mind if I talk to them?  There are some things I need to clear up before I leave tomorrow.

Porsche goes upstairs and reports to Kalia that some sort of negotiations or deal is taking place downstairs.  Porsche thinks Shelly will throw the HOH in order to give Rachel and Jordan a better chance of winning.

Meanwhile, outside on the patio, Shelly tells Rachel that everything Rachel said to her yesterday was right on point, and that after that conversation Shelly went and put Rachel's stuffed dog back on her bed.

Rachel: Oh I knew it was you!

Shelly:  It was.  He was inside the Kleenex box.

Now Jordan brings up Shelly's behavior during last Thursday's live show.  Shelly tells them that behind the scenes on Thursday's show, Kalia was saying that she wanted to nominate Jeff and Jordan.

Shelly:  Kalia was the ringleader.  I've told you everything to your face.  I know I've hurt you (to Jordan) and I don't do that to people.  I will do everything in my power to make it right with you.  I will stand up tomorrow night and tell everyone whose side I'm on.

Jordan:  I just want to be sure that you don't vote out Rachel.

Shelly swears she won't.

Jordan:  But if it was so easy for you to turn on Jeff last week, why wouldn't you turn on us?  Fool my once, shame on you, but twice....shame on me.  What if this happened with Tony?  How would you feel if you were completely blindsided?  Wouldn't you be angry at me?

Jordan brings up Shelly's behavior during the snake competition---she was elated when Porsche won and it was obvious.  Shelly talks and talks about her mistakes and how sorry she is.  She says she does not want Kalia or Porsche to win.

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