Monday, August 8, 2011

Rachel Analyzes the Situation

and she is trying to figure it out.  They think there must be some sort of catch to Lawon offering himself up.  Jordan points out that Kalia was going to nominate Porsche, but she knew that Porsche would go home if that happens.

Jordan:  She just didn't want to make an enemy with someone else.

Rachel:  And if I stay, maybe she and Dani think I won't be so mad at them.

Jordan:  All Porsche does is just stand around in the kitchen.  This isn't the Rachael Ray Show, or Hell's Kitchen!

Rachel:  She just wants to be on ANY reality show.  I think everyone on this cast wants to be an entertainer!  Like Kalia...

Jordan:  But she's good at what she does.

Rachel:  And Dom!  He's moving to LA now....and Cassi.  I think she lives in LA now and wants to be a model.

Jordan:  But look at her!  She looks like a freakin' NY runway model now!

Rachel:  Oh I agree!  She's gorgeous!

Rachel goes through her cast last year and tells Jordan where they live.  Only Kristin and Enzo wanted to work in the industry and Kristin moved out to LA to model.

Rachel:  There is something going on with this cast.  Look, if they only had to cast EIGHT new people..

Now they walk through the kitchen where Big Jeff is eating leftover catfish.

And now to the backyard where they work on their abs and chat between sets.  Jordan heard that Lawon didn't mind going to the Jury now.  Rachel doesn't think that makes sense.  (I don't think the Jury starts until next week---I think Lawon is headed home.  Exum Out!)

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