Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rachel Addresses Brendon

She's in the backyard performing her "mornalogue" babbling on and on about miscellaneous stuff.  I didn't hear the whole thing, but she was complaining about how much time everybody else spends sleeping and it is "the laziest house ever".

And she will talk to him from the HOH room next week, and they will both be happier.

She sits down to drink her coffee and Shelly joins her.  The coffee smells like Cinnabon and Rachel explains that Brendon taught her to put cinnamon in the coffee before it is brewed.

They wonder what Lawon is up towhen he stays up so late.

Rachel:  Do you think they're plotting something?  Or is it just an act?  Did he just volunteer to be put up?

Shelly:  If he does come back in, he's going to be the same player as he is now---he's not going to really change the game.

(Lawon thinks he will come back in as HOH.  Kalia and Dani expect him to get voted out, but they want to keep this theory quiet so that it will play out.  ***stupid***)

She discusses other players who float around and never have an impact on the game---like Hayden and Enzo.

Kalia joins them and they start a conversation about Kalia's natural look with the curly hair.  Jordan brought in dry shampoo (perfect for the Have Nots) but Rachel doesn't want to use it since it is almost gone.  You can see that Rachel is the only Have Not who is up and about this morning.

Shelly has heard "them" building something outside of the BB fence.

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