Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Quiet Rachel is a Powerful Rachel

Rachel and Shelly were the only ones up for awhile.  They moved around the kitchen and sat together at the counter, eating and stirring coffee.  They could hear the crew setting up the backyard for tonight's show.

Shelly seems to think Rachel is on board to vote for Dani tonight---she talks in a low tone to Rachel, complimenting her calmness.

Shelly:  I think it's great that you aren't nervous.  Did you ever think we'd be working together?

Rachel:  Hmmmm.

(Shelly is going to be shocked tonight, in more ways than one.)

The HOH lock down has started, and there is dead silence in the HOH room.  I think everyone is laying down except Adam, who is eating his bacon-free breakfast.

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