Friday, August 5, 2011

Pow Wow in the HOH

The meeting started off with Kalia and Dani.  Porsche joined almost immediately.

Kalia:  Jordan was like, whispering and when she saw me she like, turned around and walked away!  I don't like, get Jeff and Jordan!

They discuss how Jeff doesn't forgive, and certainly doesn't forget.  Porsche feels he holds it against her that she voted for Brendon to stay.  Kalia also points out that Jeff feels he should have won the POV last week, and may blame her for that as well.

Dani:  Yeah...he might be nice on the surface...

Kalia:  But like, fuck you below that.

Porsche describes an uncomfortable exchange this morning with Rachel, imitating Rachel's fake, too-chirpy tone of voice.

Kalia actually brings up some smart points, namely that anybody in the house can win the game, and that the Veterans came in with guns blazing, and the newbies came in nervously trying to figure out what to do.

Kalia:  I would like to see the Newbies like, rise up and fight!

At some point Dani went to the bathroom to poop and they can't believe how fast she came back into the room.

Dani: When I have to go, I go!

Porsche:  Wow, you can like be on a date and do that and he'd never know..

There was a knock at the door at the door and Rachel appeared.  She stood at the door and made some nervous opening comments about nothing much.

Kalia:  Did you need to talk to me?

Rachel:  No, I just came up here to hang out!

Kalia:  Oh!  Well then come on in and sit down. You're like, making me nervous standing there!

Kalia keeps chattering (of course) and Rachel was looking around at her HOH stuff.

Rachel, interrupting:  Are you like super close with your mom?

Kalia: Yeah...all three of us (her sister too) are so close...

Dani abruptly gets up and leaves the HOH.  I guess she doesn't want to hang out with Rachel.

We immediately go to TRIVIA.  I can't help feeling like we're missing some Rachel Reilly Fireworks.

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