Saturday, August 20, 2011

The POV is Over

and it went just the way Big Jeff wanted it.

Big Jeff won.

Kalia is making a small scene about how she thinks she is the target.  Shelly tells her not to give up, to stay calm.

Jeff is describing the way he matched things in the competition.  Sounds like it involved some sort of puzzle.  In other words, probably not designed to give him the advantage.  No offense, but Jeff ain't no brainiac.  He is a big hungry guy though.

Porsche looks upset, too.  She's lucky Dani didn't win the POV, or her big caboose was going to go.

Adam just mentioned the Zingbot.  But I would think that if the Zingbot were involved, there would  be more general merriment and laughter as they recount and remember the Zings.

Yes, the Zingbot was there!

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