Saturday, August 27, 2011

The POV Competition Has Been Delayed

until tonight, due to the heat today in California.

So that indicates it is a physical competition, or something endurance-related.  I think a physical competition favors Rachel and Jordan, if both team members need to perform.  (Because Shelly and Kalia would likely lose it for their partners.)

I am assuming that this POV and the Pandora's Box twist are Production's efforts to keep the marquee players in the game a little longer, for rating's sake.  (Everyone keeps saying that "this is a game", but it is actually a TV show.)

Porsche, Shelly and Adam are chatting in the HOH and Shelly is bad mouthing Rachel.

Shelly:  She kept peeing all morning----that is a huge sign of being pregnant.

Porsche:  Really?

Shelly:  Yeah...a huge sign.  You have to pee constantly.  If she is making this up, then I don't have words for her.

Adam: Especially since she's been drinking wine every night.

They joke about Rachel naming the baby after the house, like Hammock, or Purple.

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