Monday, August 8, 2011

The POV Ceremony Looms

Jeff comes out on the patio where Shelly and Jordan are sitting.

Jeff:  Are ya'll talking about me? (joking)

They are hoping that Porsche and Lawon are nominated in Jeff's place.  (Based on what I saw on BBAD in the last day or so, I think Kalia is leaning towards Lawon or Shelly...)

(How funny would it be if she puts up Lawon and his ass gets booted on Thursday?  That would virtually ensure that whoever America votes to come back in the game will make it back in the house.  i.e. Anybody can beat Lawon...)

Shelly:  She better not put me up--I'll come unglued!

They discuss how weird Rachel is being.  Jordan said they had a good conversation last night.  Shelly tells them about the conversation she had with her yesterday, about her wedding ring and whether she is good enough for Brendon.  Jordan wants to hear about the ring but Shelly will tell her later.  (Maybe this is what Rachel was whispering to Shelly about yesterday.)

I'm thinking that Rachel thinks CBS will foot the bill for an extravagant ring as part of a TV wedding.  Yeah, right.  Jeff and Jordan, maybe.  But Brendon and Rachel?  Ha.

Rachel appears on the patio and plans to talk to Brendon through the cameras.  She denies that she needs to talk to anyone about anything and seems resigned to leaving this week.

Jeff:  What if she nominates someone really silly and you get to stay?

Jordan:  Just know that we're your votes to stay, and Shelly's been working really hard up there...

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