Monday, August 22, 2011

The POV Ceremony is Over

and Jeff is smoking the hell out of a cigarette.  As expected, Jeff took Porsche down and nominated Dani in her place.

Kalia and Dani are wiping their eyes in the Have Not room.  Dani knows she is probably gone.

Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, Shelly and Adam talk on the patio---they need to stick together in the next few days and report what happens to each other.  Jeff wants to make sure the plan works this week.  Porsche came outside to "be happy".


  1. I get a kick out of you always say that Jeff smokes the hell out of a cigarette. I cannot stand to be around smokers, but bigJeff makes it hot, as do your great screen caps of him. Thanks

  2. It is hard to make Jeff look bad, Dusty. He won the genetic lottery.

    But you would think watching Shelly smoke would be enough to make you think twice about it, right?

    Thanks for visiting.


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