Friday, August 26, 2011

Porsche Wants to Solidify Final Four

I think she is going to nominate Rachel and Adam, with the plan for Rachel to go.

Adam: You better not fuck me.

Kalia:  We won't.  We won't.

Porsche:  We don't think Jordan will win POV.

Kalia:  She hasn't won anything.

Adam, to Porsche:  But neither did you, until a few days  ago....

Porsche: If one of us can't beat Jordan in a Veto, then I'll go!  Jesus!

Adam points out that Jordan was the last one on the stage with Kalia in the live show.  The girls seem to poo poo this--they are pretty sure that Jordan can't win.

Shelly points out that Jeff and Jordan seem to forget that  they put her on the block with Cassi as a pawn.

Kalia:  I think it's clear from our discussions that they pretty much had deals all over the house.

Shelly:  They were doing exactly the same thing!

Kalia:  They just can't believe that we beat them.  They're pissed off about that.  They should have made better game moves.  At least Rachel said, I'm up here because I didn't win the HOH or the POV.  And that's the have to win to keep yourself here.

Kalia is babbling nonstop...she knows that Jordan has been miserable all summer and it has not been a good experience for her.  Kalia thinks that there is a good chance that they will roll over and say vote us out.

Adam:  Not Rachel...she won't do that.

Kalia:  No, she will still put up a fight.

Shelly:  I can't wait to go in the booth on Thursday and vote her out.

Adam:  That's why I think both of them should be nominated.  Because god forbid Jordan wins and takes Rachel off the block.....

Porsche: I just don't think Jordan will win.

Adam:  But what if she's lucky? She had luck in her season.....

Porsche thinks Rachel will take prizes or a honeymoon trip.  She also thinks that Jordan will let Rachel win.

Shelly:  Don't you let her win a trip!  If it looks like she is going to win a trip, somebody take it from her.  I'm not gonna take it, because of Josie, but somebody has to...

Kalia points out that when she won HOH the first time, it was her against the house.  And when she and Dani were the last ones in the endurance competition, it was literally them against the house.

Kalia:  So it can win in that situation.

Adam has to defend himself against being aligned with Jeff the entire time in the house.  Kalia doesn't think there would be two big events in one week, but she can't help worrying about some special power that Jordan might receive.

Adam:  We can't control that.

Jordan sleeps during this entire time, with Rachel in the bed next to her.

Kalia:  I really don't think they are going to rally this week.  Remember that the people who rallied them before are gone now.  I think it's going to be a week long pity party.

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