Saturday, August 6, 2011

Poor, Poor Rachel

as she eats some catfish by the picture wall.  She is sniffling here and there, and it might be real tears this time since there is no one else around to put on a show for.

The camera guys love to contrast her actions with shots of the photo wall.  You can tell they try to include everybody in their sweeping camera shots.

Rachel cleaned up after herself--she likes to stay busy and isn't one to nap all day.  You would never describe Rachel Reilly as lazy.

Shelly comes in and is obviously in the throes of a nicotine fit.

Rachel wonders if she's good enough for Brendon.  She tries to be as good as Brendon, but it's too hard.  Shelly tells her that kind of thinking is a waste of time---everybody has mistakes and flaws and it puts too much pressure on Brendon.

Shelly:  You've got to accept that you're a good person.  He's not superman...nobody's perfect.  I screw up at least 10 times a day!

(How many cigarettes does she smoke a day?  I would count those as mistakes.  I don't understand why no one asks her about efforts to quit smoking.)

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