Friday, August 5, 2011

Oh, We're Back and Sweet Jordan is Sobbing

and saying "she was so mean to us".

Jordan:  No one cares...they're going to pick you and Rachel off, and no one cares.  And I'm just gonna be sittin' here.

Jeff says encouraging things---if he leaves this week he's going to come back in, Jordan did great, etc.

Jordan:  I should have put chocolate cake in there.....and Porsche...she does nothing!  She just sits around in her bikini and does nothing!

I don't think I've ever seen Jordan cry like this.  Jeff listens and says supportive things.

Jordan:  Lawon is like Kevin....he's just gonna float.  And I don't think I can even trust Shelly.

Jeff:  I know.

Rachel came in and started to stir the pot about what Porsche said---I guess Porsche has taken off the gloves now.

Jeff asks Rachel to please leave so he can talk to Jordan.  She does.

Jordan:   I can't believe they are trying to stir up so much stuff...and blaming it on Rachel....I mean, I know we can do it.  We've done it before..

Jeff:  It's just me and you...all we have is each other.  Don't worry love.  People like that don't go far (Porsche) and it's just a game.

Jordan is pissed about Porsche.

Jeff:  She's classless.  She's not a good sport.  Who cares?  Don't beat yourself up.

The competition had something to do with drinking gross things.

Jeff:  Don't worry about it.  Porsche probably drinks everything, anyway.

Now Jordan is venting about all Lawon does is repeat back everything that you say.

(Alison Grodner must be shitting a brick.  No way is she going to get stuck with Lawon in the final days---what a disaster.)

Jeff makes Jordan laugh:  Go ahead and let it go!  Bash people!  I fucking love it!

Jordan:  I look like such a baby right now.

Jeff:  No you don't.  I'm still here Love.  No one knows what it's like in here.  And who gives a fuck about these people in here anyway?

Jordan wants to take a break in a hotel room for a couple of days.

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