Friday, August 19, 2011

Morning Has Begun

for the house guests, although Shelly has been up for hours. Of course.

Jeff tries to grab a few more Zzzz's, mummy-style.  Rachel is extra-chirpy this morning and plans to lead a yoga class.  Sounds like they are all sore from the competition last night.

For some reason, Adam thinks this is a good idea.

He has on some sort of pasties over his nipples and goes into the Candy Room and pirouettes for Dani.  She starts singing what I think is the old song Do the Hustle and the feeds cut out.

I think this is some sort of birthday surprise for Dani.  She is one of those people who talks about her birthday all of the time.

(We all have a birthday....but some people seem to think their's is so special.)

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