Monday, August 8, 2011

More About TAR

Jeff and Jordan are still talking about The Amazing Race.

Jordan:  Everybody there is so nice and there are no cliques.

Jeff:  Yeah, Dan and Jordan...they were all nice.

Jordan:  We went to a reunion, and there were no cliques--everybody was talking to everybody and hanging out.  When you go to a Big Brother reunion it's not like that---everybody is broken up into groups and it is totally different.

Shelly:  I'm going to be nice to nice in your goodbye messages.

Adam thinks it is cool to be part of a big fraternity now---the BB alumni.  Jeff thinks that most people from BB are really cool, but there is about 10% of the people who can't get over it.

Shelly wants to have a Mardi Gras party and invite the cast, maybe go to a Saints game.

Shelly shouts out to someone she knows by name to get ready to tailgate and BB doesn't like it.

Shelly is going to get everybody a "bib" to wear to the game, and has to explain that it overalls that everybody loves.  (I went to a Saints home game and I didn't see any overalls....)

Jeff:  I want a white LSU jersey to wear..

Shelly:  Done.

Adam:  I want to go to a Saints game.

Jeff:  I just want to go a  Big Ten college game.

Shelly:  You're going to love it.  You'll think you died and gone to heaven.

Shelly shouts out for someone to hook them up!

Lawon:  The camera's not even on you.  (uh, yes it is, Lawon)

Shelly:  I don't need the camera to be on me...they can hear me!

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