Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lawon's Big Moment with Julie Chen

Here is the link to Lawon's exit interview with Julie Chen.  It's about what you might expect---he makes virtually no sense of anything.

I tried to keep a count of how many times he said "Guess What", but I lost count.  He did use the word "epiphany" correctly in a sentence, so let's give him credit for that.  Julie is probably bewildered during most of the "interview", but Lawon comes through with some of his catch phrases and sound bytes.

In a jumble of words, Lawon brings up people being confused about his job.  What he is referring to is his lack of honesty with the other houseguests about his job as a file clerk.  He never copped to it.  Now, he may work in the file room of a major Hollywood studio, but that is still a file clerk job.  As late as Wednesday, I heard him tell Shelly that the DR told him he couldn't discuss the celebrities he works with.  And earlier in the summer, Rachel even speculated that he was a lawyer.

At the end of the interview are his good-bye messages.  I think he thinks they are complimentary.  But really, who knows what Lawon is thinking, if anything?

Robyn Kass, this one's on you.  What a waste of space.

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