Monday, August 8, 2011

Lawon Swears to Shelly, and Also Drops the Eff Bomb

Lawon:  I mean, what the fuck?

Shelly:  Why are people saying that you volunteered?  Where is that coming from?

Lawon:  I don't know.  I swear I don't know.

Jordan:  I think whoever leaves is comin' right back.

Lawon:  I don't think that.   I don't think that at all.  And to go to Jury for six weeks?  That isn't a reward to me.

Shelly:  The only reason why someone would volunteer is if they're getting paid to do it somehow...

Lawon:  Hmph....

Shelly:  Think of how she said that, saying 'honey it's your turn'....something is way fishy with this...

Lawon:  I know!  I need to calm down, or I'm about to go slam that door!

Lawon:  I feel fucked.  Like somebody done had sex with me without a condom!

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