Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kalia: These are the Worst People on Earth

Kalia:  I wish I could get back in my HOH room so I could scream!

She has the Bible open in the Tarot Room, which might be a big religious no-no, right?

Dani went into the DR to ask for Midol.  She wants to go back to bed now.

From the Tarot Room they can hear the crew in the kitchen.  They are describing all of the compeitions to Brendon.  Kalia mimics Rachel's sudden gusto and energy.

Dani:  Where is Porsche?  Is she in there with them?

Kalia: No, she's in bed.

(I think she was very upset at being booed.)

Kalia is getting miserable and ugly and Dani nips it in the bud.

Dani:  Let's not do this.  This can be a very miserable experience---I did that last time, for a big chunk of it and I regret it.  You'll regret it.

Kalia agrees.  People have had it way worse in life than she has...

Kalia:  I don't even know what just happened.

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