Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kalia Summons Jordan

by coming out to the backyard to ask if she can speak with Jordan.

Jordan asked if she could wait and come up to the HOH with Jeff, who is in the DR right now.

Kalia says fine and leaves.

Jordan:  I don't want to talk...

Jeff comes outside and Jordan calls him over and tells him that Kalia wanted to speak to her.

Jeff:  Well, did you?

Jordan:  No, I don't want go do it.  I'll just get mad and lose my temper.

Jeff walks off.

Jordan:  Good.  He'll do it.  He's better with words than I am.

Meanwhile, Kalia is in Candy Land discussing exactly what Julie Chen said to them about the evictee coming back.  They call Adam in the room to ask the circumstances of Jeff's BB11 Coup D'Etat, and also of Matt's Diamond POV in BB12.

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