Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kalia Strikes a Pose

staring at the picture wall.

Meanwhile, Rachel is all business in the Padded Cell, even though she is buried under the covers.

Rachel:  If I do come back, I'm going to be feisty as hell.  I'll be like, you bitches want to play?  Let's fucking play!

It's really too late for Kalia to throw her weight around.  Unless she is the tiebreaker, her power was gone the second she put Lawon up on the block.

She got some food (looks like milk and a cereal bowl) and is looking for Rachel.  She finds Shelly in the bathroom and asks where Rachel is.

Shelly:  I told her....she went back to bed.  I'd go in the Have Not room..

Kalia:  But are they sleep?  I don't want to go in there..

Shelly:  I told her.

Kalia:  I just wanted to talk to Rachel, but I'm not going to chase her.  You'd think she'd want to talk.

And Kalia walks off camera.

BTW, "are they sleep" is not a typo.  That is the way that Kalia pronounces the word.  And that is a cultural thing.  I know an African American girl who went to freaking HARVARD and she says "I was sleep on the plane."  True story.

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