Friday, August 5, 2011

Kalia Practices her Nomination Speech

and it sounds like Jeff and Rachel are going up.

I think Kalia is going to drop some information on Rachel, who appears to be the main target.  Part of her speech was to tell Rachel that she doesn't want to backdoor her, because that's not her style.  Downstairs the camera guys keep focusing in on Brendon.

I'll bet CBS wants Brendon to come back in the house.  CBS has a show to put on, and advertisers to please.  They can't have a house full of unattractive underacheivers --there is a reason why Brendon and Rachel have been getting so much airtime---they have to give viewers a reason to tune in.

Dani:  You're taking a stab at me!

Kalia:  How?

Dani:  Because I tried to backdoor Jeff!

Kalia works on revising what she has to say.  She doesn't think Jeff and Jordan will come upstairs to talk to her, and mentions this several times.

Kalia: It's 5:00 and no one from that side of the house has come up here!

Kalia is pissed off at Jordan but plans to pull her key early anyway.  Kalia's deal with Jordan is not to put her up, but says that deal does not include a back door.

Dani was shaking during the competition.  I guess her shake from the competition was gross.

Kalia mentions again that she can't believe Jeff hasn't come upstairs!  It really pisses her off!

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