Friday, August 26, 2011

Jordan Pulls it Together

and tells Rachel she might feel better if she took a shower and got ready.

Rachel went into the WC and told Jordan she wanted to tell her something when she got out.  BB asked Jordan to put her microphone on in preparation for this important conversation.

Rachel talks to Jordan while she is blowdrying, though, so we can't hear what she said.

But I know she was telling Jordan she thinks she is pregnant-she is over two weeks late and feels nauseous.  Jordan asked her if she "uses anything" and Rachel shakes her head no.

(Maybe they didn't plan to have sex in the house?)

Jordan asks the symptoms and tells Rachel maybe she is late due to stress.

Rachel:  I'm just frustrated that "they" won't.....

(I think Rachel asked BB for a pregnancy test and they said no.)

When we return Jordan is telling Rachel that after BB11 she and Jeff were inseparable for about two weeks.

Rachel:  How long were you in LA?

Jordan:  It must have been two weeks.

Rachel:  Where did you stay?

Jordan:  Well Jeff has friends out here....

Rachel:  So you stayed with them?

Jordan: And we stayed at a hotel one night.  The Standard?  But it's different out here...

Rachel:  I love The Standard!  But you pay so much for a little bitty room....

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