Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jordan Makes a Salad

and cleans up after herself as she goes.

Rachel comes in from outside just as Jordan finishes making her lunch.  Rachel says it looks good and Jordan agrees--she's excited to eat it.

They start talking about their conversations this morning with Shelly and Adam.

Jordan:  You talk to one of 'em and you feel better about that.  But then you feel bad about the other one.

Jordan feels better about keeping Adam because "he is a terrible liar".  Rachel wants to make the right choice to ensure that they both "make Final Three no matter what".

Rachel says that when she walked up Porsche and Kalia stopped talking and that seemed sketchy.

Jordan:  Well, you know they're planning something...

Rachel:  The two of them are so against Shelly right now....after everything she's done.

Rachel keeps saying that the next HOH is a big one, and Jordan reminds her that from this point on, every competition is important and they really need to focus on the next HOH and POV to make their numbers work.

Jordan finally gets to eat her salad and you can hear the crunchiness when she takes a big bite.

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