Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jordan: It's a Stupid Reality Show

She and Rachel talk about Dani's speech.  Jordan says it was rude and imitates her.

Rachel: Why is Dominic's speech a question every single time?

Jordan: Because nobody else had a good speech.  Why did I keep believing her?  He told me the whole time, but  I didn't listen.

Jordan:  I miss my family.

Jordan:  I did nothing but stick up for her!

She brightens for a minute, remembering that Julie Chen said that the twists were far from over.  She thinks they might get something, like a coup d'etat or something.

(She might, if it looks like CBS is going to be stuck with the newbies for three weeks.)

Jordan:  I only came back because Jeff wanted to do it.

Rachel: Brendon didn't even want to do it.  He had school.

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