Friday, August 26, 2011

Jordan: Evel Dick Hates Us!

Rachel:  No, he doesn't...

Jordan:  Yeah, I think he does.  We evicted his daughter!

Rachel:  He calls her The Bitch.  He said, Daniele, the Bitch?  They really don't get along....  Brendon and I wanted to leave on Day 6.  I wish we had...

Jordan:  But you have an experience.  You got a lot further than you did last year.

Rachel:  This time they wanted Brendon out first...

Jordan:  I hope folks at home are rootin' for us.

She said that in BB11, Jeff got a standing ovation when he got voted out and that was the first time that had happened that year.

Jordan:  I hope he got that again.  Jeff's a good guy.

Rachel:  Yeah, he is.

TRIVIA.  Must be nomination time.

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