Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jordan Can't Stop Talking About Production

She is sitting in the Spaceship Room talking to Kalia and Adam about general b.s.  She was talking about how upset she got this week and says that "they called her mom on Thursday night".

The feeds get cut after she said that.  I think she was saying that they called her mom to assure her that Jordan is okay after Jeff was evicted.

When we return Jordan is mentioning that she didn't want her Grandpa to see the way she had been acting, getting in fights and yelling.

Kalia: Well,'ve never been in the Big Brother house.

Jordan has cried more in the BB13 house than she does in a year, or on the whole BB11 season.

Adam asked about Jeff's schedule, and lists all of the TV shows Jeff has appeared on since BB11.

Adam: Has he had any type of break where he has a month or so off from TV?

Jordan:  Oh, yeah.  And his boss at his job is his friend, so he can go back to working there whenever his schedule works out. Amazing Race and Around the World were Jeff's type of thing...he loves that.  Not me though.  The Amazing Race was hard....

Kalia asked about the breaks between legs of the race.  Jordan says you aren't allowed to talk to the other teams at the Pit Stops.  (Really?)

She mentions again (I have covered this before.) that in May she and Jeff went to an Amazing Race reunion party and everybody is so nice.  On the Race you can feel an overall competitiveness, but it's not catty and people get over losing.

Jordan: The Big Brother people can't get over it.....they hate everybody.

Kalia starts talking about how Lauryn Hill from The Fugees went a little crazy and the feeds cut out.

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