Friday, August 26, 2011

Jeff's Eviction Interview with Julie Chen

Jeff:  I don't mind takin' one in the face, but takin' it in the back..

Jeff is obviously hyped up and bitter when the interview starts.  Then he seems to realize that he is a CBS Company Guy and pulls it together, thanking the audience and the fans and the network for the opportunity.

Jeff:  If you think I'm goin' back in there ever again, you're crazy!

Julie:  Not even for an All Stars season the future?

Jeff:  The losers can go back in there!

Julie asks Jeff the hard question about putting a ring on Jordan's finger, and is persistent.  Jeff sidesteps the questions and gets the audience laughing.

From watching the live feeds and hearing Jordan talk about their relationship, I think Jeff winning might have resulted in a proposal.  Jeff wanted to be able to support a family and winning the big prize would have put them on the right track.  But Jeff is a CBS franchise player like Boston Rob, so I'm sure CBS would love to fund their wedding like they did for Rob and Amber.  Just a guess, but an educated guess.

You can watch the entire interview here.

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