Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jeff Wants to Go Fishing

when the season is over, in California or Vegas.  Rachel is interested in this and asks a bunch of questions.

Jordan went last time and Jeff had to bait her hook for her.  Jordan got bored and fed the bait to the birds.

After BB11, someone recommended a hair stylist on Melrose and Jordan went with Jeff. She got a great haircut and still has the guy's card in her purse.  The name of the salon started with an E, and I think Jeff said it was at 3rd and Melrose.

Jordan:  He was my age and really nice.  He did hair for the Gap commercials and also Cameron Diaz.

(When is the last time you saw a Gap commercial?  Probably during BB11...)

They discuss going to the Vegas event and Jeff says you have to go to the events to get the free hotel room.  It doesn't sound like Jeff and Jordan are going to go----Jeff will visit his "ton of LA friends" and visit Universal with Jordan while "they" (Rachel and Brendon?) are in Vegas.

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